If you have reviewed our website and policies**, please access our intake paperwork by clicking here. We are scheduling out currently beyond May 2021. If you are needing sooner availability, please contact your insurance company to help you find a provider with more availability. 


Please allow 3-5 business days for us to review your intake forms. In the meantime, please have your prior mental health records forwarded to our office at the fax number above. Once your intake forms are completed and records are reviewed, our office manager will contact you with our soonest available appointment times. 

Completed forms do not guarantee an appointment, but we do our best to schedule in new patients as soon as possible. We are sometimes limited due to high volume and other factors as we are a small office with one independent provider. If you submit intake forms and we are unable to schedule you in within a reasonable time, we will do our best to recommend other providers in the area who may be able to get you in sooner or have better availability.

**Many insurance plans will not cover services provided by out-of-network providers. We are in-network with many insurance plans, however we are not able to bill Medicaid (OHP), Medicare, Medicare or Medadvantage private health plans, or plans that do not have out-of-network benefits. 

If we are not in-network for you we highly recommend finding a provider that is a preferred provider and covered by your insurance. Please call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card for assistance finding an in-network provider.

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